Activation of the root user

  • For security reasons we have deactivated the root user by default. Follow these instructions to reactivate the user.

    IMPORTANT: As of Friday, 28. September 2018 the root user is enabled by default if password based location is selected and you can login with the root account. The unprivileged user is now `cloud` and is also enabled by default with the the default password set. If SSH based authentication is selected, the root account is disabled and it's only possible to login with the cloud user with a valid SSH key for added security.

    To log in to your Cloud Virtual Server using SSH and your root use, which is disabled by default, must be allowed to log in via SSH.

    You can do this using the following commands. Use the "cloud" user to log in to your Cloud Virtual Server first.

    1. sudo -i
    2. passwd root
      • Set your password for the root user
      • The entry must then be confirmed by pressing the "Enter" key.
    3. This step may vary depending on the operating system. Use the command ls /etc/ssh/ | grep config to find out which config file you have to edit.
      • Your config-file should be named like "sshd_config" or "sshd.config".
    4. nano /etc/ssh/sshd{DOT_OR_UNDERSCORE}config
      • Change parameter "#PermitRootLogin without-password" to "PermitRootLogin yes
      • (Important: remove the # to activate the entry)
    5. service ssh restart

    After you have done the changes you should now be able to log in with the root user via SSH.